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Welcome to: The Portland Asian Tennis Tournament (PATT)
*Open to all players!

Dates: July 27th - 29th, 2012
Location: Portland Tennis Center
324 NE 12th, Portland OR 97232, 503-823-3189
The Portland Asian Tennis Tournament is a part of the Pacific Northwest grass roots tennis program also known as the “PAC-ASIAN”.
Originally established around 1945.

The goal of this event is to bring together the area’s tennis community from multicultural Asian backgrounds and their friends. The format emphasizes fun, friends, family and fitness by encouraging friendly competition through tennis.

Events are open to all players and include all levels of:
Mens & Womens Singles, Doubles, and Mixed Doubles!

This group is open to anyone that would like to join in on the fun! Invite any of your friends that may also enjoy this event!


Cascade Foot & Ankle Specialists, LLC
Dr. Kenneth K.S. Mah, DPM
Dr. Clifford D. Mah, DPM

Dr. Wiley Chan, MD

Tyrone Wei DC DACBR

Huber’s Cafe
Daddy Mojo’s Cafe 
Leatherman Tools
Portland Tennis Center
Harvey King, Historian
Tri-Coast Renovation Inc.  (Residential & Commercial)
Back to Youth Esthetics
Elite Homes and Landscapes Inc.
Shawn Yu Realty

Acme Donuts

Interstate Meat Distributors Inc.

Players Racquet Shop

Pacific Northwest Real Estate Solutions
Tournament Software Courtesy of USTA Pacific Northwest

PATT 2012 Results

Men's Open Singles: Steve Robertson
Finalist: Paul Yi
Men's 4.5 Singles: Erik Fernandez
Finalist: Nick Yazzolino

Men's 4.0 Singles: Tom Lux
Finalist: Lars Topelmann

Men's 3.5 Singles: Aaron Didner

Finalist: Wiley Zhao
Men's 3.0 Singles: Eric Anderson
Finalist: Mitchell Yep
Men's Open Doubles: Steve Robertson/Ashley Elliott
Finalist: Paul Yi/Vineeth Omkaram
Men's 9.0 Doubles: Charlie Kang/Sutjay Lee
Finalist: Anh Quoc Ngo/Dew Pulkasem

Men's 8.0 Doubles: Ryan Chin/Jeff Yeom
Finalist: Spencer Lewis/Chris Vacha

Men's 7.0 Doubles: Paul Nguyen/Derek Wong
Finalist: Gordon Osaka/Chris Osaka
Women's 4.5 Singles: Jessica Emoto
Finalist: Courtney Naganuma
Women's 3.5 Singles: Michelle Mehr
Finalist: Kari Meyer

Women's 9.0 Doubles: Maureen Harwood/Chiho Cronk
Finalist: Yvette Ly/Kathleen Preston
Women's 8.0 Doubles: Nina Lyski/Emily Salisbury
Finalist: Chris Forsberg/Michelle Bedritis

Women's 7.0 Doubles: Julie Landrum/Kristi Lulich
Finalist: Tamara DeFrance/Kari Martin

Mixed 9.0 Doubles: Max Hey/Yvette Ly
Finalist: Patrick Jou/Kumi Talmage

Mixed 8.0 Doubles: Kevin Wang/Maureen Dugan
Finalist: Kelly Robertson/Marie Kahng

Mixed 7.0 Doubles: Jordan Ott/Ginny Nguyen
Finalist: Alex Chiem/Andrea Chiem

Sr. Women's 50+ Doubles: Amy Jean/Linda Fletcher
Finalist: Karen Yee/Jan Morrow


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